ClickFunnels Affiliate Program: 7 Ways To Make Money With Share Funnels

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ClickFunnels Affiliate Program: 7 Ways To Make Money With Share Funnels

Do you want to earn a real income online?

Do you feel like it’s unrealistic and unachievable?

These are questions and doubts that plague so many of us. Yet, despite the artfully deceptive nature of the internet, you can earn a living online. One of the best options is the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program. To take advantage of this opportunity, you simply need to grasp an understanding of a few basic concepts and utilize every chance you get with the program.

Now is the perfect time to kick-start or upgrade your own e-commerce business. We want to take this opportunity to break down the essentials and help you get what you want via Share Funnels. 

What is the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

Internet marketers will appreciate the lucrative characteristics of the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program. It is essentially a built-in feature of ClickFunnels, founded by Russell Branson. You can build sales funnels that provide value-added propositions and customer retention. You earn a 40% recurring commissions on the sales you make on ClickFunnels and 40% commissions on every related product in the ClickFunnels Ecosystem. 

Additionally, this package includes two books authored by Branson, as well as other continuity programs including Funnel University and Funnel Scripts. You also get to participate in the “sticky cookie” program, which means upon clicking your link, your customers get a sticky cookie attached to them that gives you a portion of the commissions linked to every product they purchase through the funnel. 

Furthermore, you earn 5% commissions for every new affiliate that signs up from your reference. Every funnel you create within your account has a unique share funnel URL that you can choose to share. 

If you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to sign-up for a 14-day trial account on ClickFunnels to access funnel channels. If you get other people to sign up for ClickFunnels as a paying member, you get the affiliation commission. 

Now that you know the basics, here are a few tips for generating the most income possible with Share Funnels.

7 Tips and Tricks to Generating Monetary Gains with Share Funnels:

Below we share seven different things you can do to make the most of your ClickFunnels opportunities.

1. Affiliate Business Promotion within a Box Share Funnel

If you have access to a client list or a basic understanding of driving virtual traffic to ads and services, then this step will help you get the ball rolling relatively easily. The Affiliate Business in a Box (BiB) tactic is a wholly self-contained share funnel that you can promote to potential consumers through the use of solo advertisements. The primary advantage of this method is that while you generate and direct traffic, you simultaneously collect leads and gain ClickFunnel trials whenever end-users use your BiB.

2. Add Value Every Chance You Get 

You want to earn money passively and put your earning strategies on autopilot whenever possible. You can do this – and more – with a value-creation attitude. If you’ve captured the target audience with a custom-tailored message, piqued their curiosity, successfully trafficked them to your landing page, offer, or sales funnel and achieved customer optimization success then you’re on the right track. 

You can simply add value via posting links, comments, or posts on Facebook Community Groups, Instagram, Snapchat, or even tutorials on YouTube.

3. Construct a Sales Funnel Directed at Selling Personal Products and Services 

There’s always the option of promoting and selling your very own product through a variety of mediums, including:

  • High-ticket coaching: Setting up a lead-to-application funnel methodology is the most effective plan of action. ClickFunnels is the ideal platform to make a lot of money in this manner. 
  • Webinars: You will get to make sales pitches to an engaged audience virtually while reaping the benefits of physical marketing. This is more practical in the sense that there is a higher reach potential than if you’re doing it in person because you’re limited to geographic boundaries. This has proven to be the most effective strategy, especially for high-ticket products and services. The tested and most successful option is to host a webinar, sync them into an application, and follow-up with a phone call.
  • E-commerce Physical products: “Freemiums” to lock in potential clients and to sell e-com products through ClickFunnels is supremely advantageous. Millions can be earned via basic, low-competition but high-demand products. You will, of course, have to take into consideration incorporating upsells and offers to increase average cart value. 
  • Information Products: This approach is effortless on ClickFunnel with pre-configured templates. 
  • Continuity Programs: We mentioned passive income earlier. Membership sites and continuity programs are perfect examples of this. 

Adopting these strategies will allow you to pay for more traffic and boost your sales monumentally. Automating and monetizing should be your goal. 

4. Incentivize Content Upgrades via Share Funnels

This technique focuses on you being able to legitimately establish a certain share funnel as productive, useful, and not a complete waste of money. By creating a credible and personally relevant foundation, you can get others excited and have them jumping on the bandwagon. They’ll sign on to your list and add your funnel to their account, thereby perpetuating the ClickFunnel Affiliate technique. 

This is a guaranteed win-win plan that allows you the chance to develop your email list while at the same time you’re earning ClickFunnel commission. Your opt-in rate percentage goes up alongside affiliate commission earnings. 

5. Become a funnel consultant:

ClickFunnels has rocketed into a grand organization with $100 million earned in sales and 60,000+ subscribers – a competitive reputation to say the least. This means it’s time to create your very own funnel building service.

ClickFunnels has designed its service to make it a piece of cake for you to create your own business and sale funnels. For every funnel, you create and sell via your personal URL you’re earning bonus commissions.

Funnel Rolodex is an endeavor undertaken by ClickFunnel as a service for selling funnel building services. You’ll be able to augment visibility and awareness while bringing in a bit of side money.

6. Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

You can replicate successful business sales funnels into ClickFunnel. You can share blog posts, articles, or videos, sharing your entire experience with your downline. Also, include the share funnel link for your final product to allow your audience to verify your claims. Once they see firsthand the positive results they’ll want to join in on the gains.

7. Utilize Share Funnels for E-mail Marketing Campaigns 

A well-constructed email marketing approach is excellent for certain niches. It forces you to provide consistency, upgrades, and value for your users, and it encourages interaction with your content. You should include your share funnel URL into the emails.

There are countless ways to earn money with ClickFunnels and thee tips can help you make the most of being a ClickFunnels Certified Partner.

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