Rank On Page 1 Of Google With The "Striking Distance" SEO Strategy

A long forgotten SEO strategy, now automated...

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Your website is… well, it’s a pretty big deal.

And if you are like most of our customers, you want to rank on page 1 of Google.

However, there’s a bit of a problem:

Right now, your pages are ranked across 100s of keywords in Google. And your position for these search terms are stagnant.

You done everything right to optimize your site, did your keyword research, created amazing content, improved your meta tags, and nothing seems to be pushing your pages up in Google.

P1 Link Building is a bit of magic because it integrates into your website via an app for Shopify or plugin for Wordpress.

We then analyze your visits against 5, SEO data sources to identify the opportunities to boost your links in Google.

It automatically performs on page SEO and injects links to the bottom of your content pieces of other relevant pages to create strong bridges of topical authority.

Oh, and did we mention that a few our beta clients are seeing search traffic increase up to 250% per day for top keywords.

This tool leverages an old, SEO strategy called “striking distance”.

In its simplest form, we identify pages that are ranked on Google that has the highest potential to reaching page 1.

And with a little on page SEO, we give it the nudge it needs to get there.

SEO agencies and experts have been leveraging this strategy for years.

And with a tool like ahrefs.com, you can identify those opportunities with the Top Pages feature, and manually build your internal links yourself.

Here, we identified 36 pages with the greatest opportunity to optimize for. The first link alone is in position 11, and getting 1,625 visits a month across 459 keywords.

What if we focus on optimizing it for "insta pot" and grab a share of the 47,000 searches a month.

Let's take a look at what happens when we optimize the page to bump 4 spots to position 7 for the keyword "insta pot".

We see that currently, this CNET page is getting an estimated 30,579 visits just by being in position 7 on page 1 for this term!

You can do this yourself and sign up with Ahrefs today for $179/mo which doesn't make sense unless you are running a SEO agency.

And as soon as you hit publish, the page optimizations becomes stale.

And to keep up with Google, you need do the work all over again for every page of your site.

P1 Link Building solves this problem so you can do everything we just talked about above, automated, and at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s how we are going to solve your on page SEO problem.

Step 1: Our secret sauce lies in the intelligence gathering.

With 5 sources of SEO data, we are able to construct a list of pages that are on page 2 and 3 of Google, for high search volume keywords.

Step 2: Then we perform a deep crawl on your web site to understand the context of your page and discover new content daily.

Step 3: And then we using our machine learning technology to match and score content affinity.

With our Wordpress plugin, link blocks are injected at the bottom of each page.

Every page has a page rank score as identified by Google which gives a page its equity or “juice” as some experts like to call it.

Link equity IS limited.

P1 Link Building blocks takes the equity and only passes it off to other pages in the best position to get onto page 1.

When you have many pages with equity all pointing to a single page, this builds a stronger connection, a key signal to Google to rank a page higher because it would benefit to the user's query intent.

Source: 5and3UK

Unlike other plugins that builds internal links by analyzing slug and title for absolute matching, it dilutes the equity when links are created without a strategy.

Equity is loss in passing the finite juice to pages that is buried away beyond page 3 for low ranked keywords.

Google wants topical authority, period. And P1 Link Building automates this process daily to build internal links to other pages within a topic that would be getting a lot of traffic by moving a few spots up.

Automatic, Targeted Internal Link Building and On Page SEO

Positions in Google changes daily. And the P1 Link Building tool silently sits behind the scenes, monitoring changes in your pages positions.

And daily, pre publishes new sets of links to target. This hands off approach to on page SEO frees up your time so you can focus on what matters most to you and your business.

"Striking Distance" Opportunities

Identifying Striking Distance Pages

Backed by 5 SEO Intelligence Data Sources

P1 Link Building tool identify what are all the pages in your site and the keywords it is ranked for daily.

The magic happens when link blocks are optimized daily according to your page's position in Google.

Deep Crawling To Get Contextual Pages

Machine learning ranking and scoring

Unlike other link building tools that does absolute matching on slugs, titles, and keywords, P1 Link Building leverages machine learning to score the context of page and provide an internal page rank score.

The affinity score helps to establish the strength of two pages in the page graph.

This process saves you time by automating that work vs trying to catalog all the pages you have across your site.

Machine learning crawling and scoring

Link Equity Blocks

aka Link Juice

Link Equity is limited.

P1 Link Building only builds link to pages it knows that needs a little bit of juice from other high page ranked pages to push it up.

You don't have to update links manually.

P1 Link Building automatically updates the link block to pass the link juice to "striking distance" page daily.

Customizable Settings and Targeting

New site? No problem!

If you are just starting with a brand new site, the targeting capability is fully customizable to reach any volume of keywords and target any positions in Google Search.

Then build the strength needed to push pages up in the rankings until you decide you are ready to optimize the "striking distance" pages.



Link blocks are responsive on any device.


Customize options on what keywords to target and page positions to optimize support.

Wordpress Editor Compatibility

Built to be compatible with Classic, Gutenberg, Elementor, WP Bakery, and any other editors in WordPress

Machine Learning
Page Rank Scoring

As your content increases and positions changes, the machine learning page rank scoring adapts to push link equity to pages that needs it most.

Continuous Updates

Link blocks are generated daily to target pages based on their average positions in the Search Results


24/7 email support. We are proud of our product and are constantly improving based on customer feedback.

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