11 Ways to Jumpstart Your Instagram Branding – Tips to Attract Followers

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11 Ways to Jumpstart Your Instagram Branding – Tips to Attract Followers

Are you happy with your current social media following?

Do you want to boost the number of followers on Instagram?

Instagram has an astounding 1 billion monthly users. Its innovative and up-to-date algorithms, a sea of one-of-a-kind brands, and your desire to become an Insta-famous influencer will make Instagram a competitive bloodbath. 

To help you navigate this cut-throat platform, we’ve compiled 11 full-proof tactics to help you build brand name visibility, engagement, and overall awareness of your business. 

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform that uses mainly photos, but also short videos. It has carved its name into the social media industry as one of the market leaders, acting as a platform for professional online marketing, social media marketing, networking, selling, audience building, and support-accumulating tool for both individuals and brands. 

With over 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes per day, the engagement rate for Instagram is 58 times higher than Facebook! Within your profile and newsfeed, you can interact with other members, comment, like, follow, tag, and more, all to grow your brand. 

11 Steps to Success:

Instagram is primarily a mobile social media platform, which means the vast majority of users access it from their smartphones. This means your profile needs to be mobile-friendly, so you need to incorporate a targeted marketing strategy solutions that promote maximum content delivery and enhances traffic flow to your profile:

1. Make Your Instagram Aesthetic a Masterpiece

At its core, Instagram is a visual platform that appeals to the visual senses of users. To get branding recognition, you need creative and charismatic content that lures in viewers and tempts them to click the follow button. 

You can achieve this branding strategy by creating consistent content with a visual theme. The best strategy is to use a color theme and consistency. 

Make sure your color theme applies to your profile photo and the overall look of your page. Each individual picture can be used to create a consistent and aesthetically pleasing overall look.

Additionally, make sure your Instagram bio is complete and includes a link to your website or a landing page where you want to drive traffic.

2. Make Sure Your Utilizing Story Highlights

Story highlights are like teasers, a glimpse into the potential of what else you have to offer. The feature helps you capture the attention of your target audience in the precious 30 seconds to a minute you have to hook them. It’s best to organize your highlights into either a theme, chronological order, a step-by-step timeline, or a swipe-up link platform. 

3. Choosing the Best Hashtags

To be successful on Instagram you’ve got to be discoverable. You can easily accomplish this by creating a unique hashtag and also using other hashtags related to your brand. Use your unique hashtag in print ads, printed on your merchandise, on your receipts, at relevant events, and more. WeWork, Iconosquare or Websta are free online tools that’ll help you create the perfect unique hashtag for your brand.

4. Cross-Platform Promotion

Brand awareness can only be developed by tapping into a massively large audience via location tagging and hashtagging. Embed your brand into other areas with your profile link and offer incentives for existing followers to join you on Buzzfeed, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. 

5. Instagram Live Events

Instagram Live allows you to create a live streaming event. Not only are you able to send out a call for action, but you’re also increasing your brand penetration. This two-way process illustrates the brand as authentic and sharing raw, unscripted and engaging content. It’s also fun to bring your followers together to interact with you live.

6. Create Custom Instagram Stories for your brand

In 2018 Facebook made it possible for brands to create their very own personalized AR filters for Instagram Stories with Spark AR Studio. When other users apply your filter in their stories, their viewers will likely make an effort to reach out to you out of curiosity. 

7. Collaborate with Other Brands and Influencers

It’s important to understand the value of collaborating and co-marketing. You can use these campaigns and join forces with complementary or popular accounts. It’s easy to do so via co-hosting Instagram live sessions, story and account takeovers, IGTV Videos, and more. 

8. Increase Social Proof

Tap into customers and influencers with incentives like affiliate deals or monetary gains to showcase your brand with a referral link or shoutouts. To reinforce your presence, make sure you are commenting, reposting, and following accounts that tag your product. Also, follow back anyone who tags your brand. This increases the credibility associated with your brand.

9. Host Giveaways and Tagging Events

The Instagram algorithm is dependent on engagement ratios. You want people engaging with your brand as much as possible, which means you should be using relevant hashtags and tagging other users as much as possible. 

Publishing posts that promote contests that require people to follow your account, or expecting them to like and comment to enter, gets your account more active and gives people a reason to interact with your brand. 

10. Interact to Expand Your Instagram Following

The more active you are, the more Instagram will like your account. You can stay active by discovering similar accounts, following them, and interacting with them. There’s a high chance they will follow you back, and their followers will acknowledge your presence as well.

Celebrating your Instagram following is important too. Show your appreciation by following your followers back, responding to their comments, and even engaging with their posts. 

11. Traditional AD Construction

From feed-style visuals to Instagram story ads, you have a host of campaign options to choose from for your target audience. Instagram itself pulls in a ‘similar audience” while allowing you to tailor to your own preference. Be sure to use a strong call-to-action in each post. 

Finally, Monitor Your Results

Instagram analytic tools like Sprout Social, Keyhole, Iconosquare, Social Bakers and Curalate provide you with statistics about your Instagram efforts. These include engagement rates and follower updates to offer you a deeper insight. This way you’ll know what’s working and what you need to change.

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