8 Ways To Increase Your Checkout Conversion Optimization

September 24, 2019 in Uncategorized

8 Ways To Increase Your Checkout Conversion Optimization

Provided that you run an e-commerce website, where sellers purchase your products directly online, you will need a good checkout page.

Your checkout page may have a great influence on your business success, and for this reason, it is crucial that you ensure that your checkout page is as optimized as possible.

If you run a website to sell your products, and you observe a reduction in your sales, one of the things to initially check and make necessary modifications to is your checkout page.

Due to the fact it may be elusive to make your checkout page outright optimized, we have come up with tips to help you out in increasing your checkout conversion optimization.

  1. Include your company’s branding: The reason why it is not recommendable for you to use a third party software to design your checkout page is because it usually leave out your branding. This may make you to lose a prospective customer, for online customers are quick to lose their trust in a website when they notice discrepancy. In the sense that, they would end up exploring your website, get to the checkout page, and cannot see your logo or branding on it. Your prospective customer may find this suspicious and end up not buying your product. This is why it is highly advisable that you put your logo and brand colors that match your website on the checkout page.
  2. Include your contact details: Generally, conversion optimization requires that you prove to a prospective customer that you are legit. This is why you should never forget to include your contact details. Contact details, such as phone number, email address, or live chat, go a long way in building credibility. Prospective customers need a means of communication with you in case they face any issues with regard to getting or using your products. I have seen cases where a prospective customer just needs to ask only one question before purchasing a product. In this kind of case, if the prospective customer cannot find any contact details, he would end up not buying the product again.
  3. Show your customers what they are buying: You need to have high quality images of all the products you sell to increase your conversion optimization. Ask yourself this question, “will I prefer to buy a product I have never seen than buy a product I can see?” Of course, it is wise to provide your visitors with tangible things to digest, and give them a reminder of what they are about to purchase. Even if you render a service, you should create or get a message that conveys the service you would be rendering.
  4. Explain to your customers what they are about to buy: Providing concise details of the product or service a customer is about to purchase can go a long way in boosting your conversion optimization. Highlight the major elements of each of the things you are selling. This tip in particular is effective in increasing the sales of your products by up to 15%.
  5. Provide guarantee: I am pretty sure you are proud of your product, its effectiveness and how long it lasts effectively. If this is so with your product, then you should remind your customer. Giving your customers this kind of guarantee will allow them to trust your products and go ahead with the purchase. It is fine to brag about your products, but be sure that you are not bluffing, especially if you want to retain your customers. This tip is profoundly effective in boosting your conversion optimization and increasing your sales by 81%.
  6. Avoid unneeded fields: Do you know that internet users are often lazy to fill long forms. This simply means that making it compulsory for your customers to fill a long form to purchase your product would have a negative impact on your sales. Any information that you know is not really needed by you should be excluded in your form. If you will not need a customer’s shipping address, do not make it a required field to fill. If you will not need a customer’s billing address, do not make it a required field to fill. Try as much as possible to reduce the required fields in your checkout page, and watch your sales increase as much as 35%.
  7. Restate the benefits: Evidently, an individual can only buy your product when it is beneficial to him/her. However, an individual can only know if the product is beneficial to him/her when he/she reads about the benefits of the product. This is why you should always remind your customers about the benefits of your products. This particular conversion optimization tip has been found to be effective in proliferating sales up to 63%. You should also include any added bonus that a customer will get after purchasing the product. Quite simply, this tip should tell a customer why he should not exit your page to purchase another similar product.
  8. Show positive reviews or testimonials: There are some people that would never buy a product until other users of that product can testify to its effectiveness. There are so many products that are being sold online, so how can a prospective customer be sure that your own product is the best for him? – Simply, by reading the reviews of your product. Incontestably, this is among the most powerful elements of every checkout page. It is quite paramount when it comes to conversion optimization. However, the products you sell and how you deliver your services will be the determinant of your reviews. As long as your reviews are majorly good ones, your sales are liable to increase.

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